The Techniques And Mechanics Of Pixel Gun 3D Game

The techniques and, mechanics of the game are so simple and useful that you will seldom require using the pixel gun 3d hack for the purpose of generating the required resources or for any suggestions and tips. The intuitive features of the Pixel Gun 3D game are enough to provide you with all the required guidance. The basic principle of the game is to shoot out at all the zombies, skeletons and mummies that appear in the game with your pixelated handgun. There are a lot of supports provided within the game so that you can make the most kills and advance to the next level of the game.

About The Gameplay

The game playing techniques of Pixel Gun 3D game are based on the choice of weapons and shooting the zombies from a tight spot.

  • You will have to start the game from the primary level which looks more of a shooting gallery for the zombies rather than a first person shooter game.
  • You will be provided with tutorials on the ways to jump, ways to shoot to make an effective kill.
  • You will also get adequate support and guidance to know the right ways to collect your suitable weapons for the specific map and what you should do when you have cleared a specific level.

Defend Yourself In The Graveyard

There are a lot of actions that happen in the graveyard and the techniques in Pixel Gun 3D game are suitable enough to keep you alive from all attacks.

  • You will be chased down by a lot of zombies including skeletons and dangerous bushes, and you will have to hunt them all down.
  • You should always be on the move and look out for the hidden guns and additional ammunition at different places of the map.
  • Being on the move will help you a lot as hidden guns and ammunitions may be hidden in the spots you may have checked already.

Different Guns Have Different Abilities

The ability of the guns also vary according to the type and therefore, you should select the right type always. The gameplay will teach you a lot about it.

  • The basic handgun can shoot down a zombie with four fires while the six-shooter will do the same damage in two shots fired.
  • You can purchase the weapons you require from the game’s store with the resources that you have with you.
  • There are more than a hundred varieties of weapons with different mobility ranking and damage making ability from which you can choose one for you.

Survival Is The Key Factor

Survival is the key factor is Pixel Gun 3D game, and it can get extremely challenging at times. Especially when you get only one re-spawn elixir for free. This means that you have to start from the beginning after you die once you have run out if the elixir. No matter how far you have got into the game, you will have to start the game right from the beginning, and it is this feature of the gameplay which makes the game all the more challenging.

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