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Professionals and parents interested in continuing their exploration of the issues Crime Times has covered will find the following websites valuable.

The Dana Foundation
The Dana Foundation is a private philanthropic organization that supports brain research through grants and educates the public about the successes and potential of brain research. The foundation offers a wide variety of free publications for professional and lay readers and produces a free online magazine, Cerebrum.

Food and Behaviour Research
This British site is an excellent resource for nutritional news and advice on approaches that can be beneficial for children or adults with a wide range of problems including ADHD, antisocial behavior, and depression.

Food and Mood
This website focuses on the effects of nutrition on mental health and provides links to current research.

Environmental Working Group
A good resource for parents and professionals seeking to limit children’s exposure to brain-altering toxins such as lead and BPA.

EPA Information on Toxins
This website of the Environmental Protection Agency offers information on protecting children from toxic exposure.

Interview with Herbert Needleman">
In this audio interview, Dr. Herbert Needleman—an expert on lead toxicity and a Crime Times board member—outlines the neurobehavioral effects of this brain toxin.

Amen Clinics
An entertaining and informative “brain blog” for lay readers.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
This website of the FAS Family Resource Institute offers information on the physical and mental effects of this devastating disorder.

Interview With Adrian Raine
In this ABC News program, Dr. Adrian Raine—an expert on psychopathy and a Crime Times board member—describes some of the brain anomalies his research has detected in psychopaths.

Center for Neuroscience and Society
This University of Pennsylvania organization is dedicated to promoting the responsible use of neuroscience research to benefit society.

Interview with Bernard Weiss
Dr. Bernard Weiss, an expert on toxins and a Crime Times board member, discusses the behavioral effects of food colorings.